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DADVSI code : nirvana or nightmare ?

A compilation of quotes about about the french draft copyright law.

March, 27th, 2006

A good comment found at the end of "How France is saving civilization" (Wired)

If the law is voted (it still has to approved by the Senat and the Conseil Constitutionnel), the result is :

  • making P2P illegal
  • the end of private copy : it will be illegal to copy or rip music or films I have bought. That means I can't have a disc at home and another in the car. I won't either be able to transfer it to my Digital Audio Player. It's also the end of webradios in France.
  • DRMs become the standard

This all sounds great doesn't it ? Say goodbye to alternative cultural sources of information. The Majors were afraid of loosing their power, not being able to control these alternative sources. For the first time, humanity has at last got a universal media to share information. We are able discover artists we'd never hear of otherwise. But the Majors don't control this media. And what does France do ? Puts it's pants down and says "OK, we're locking it all down, and here are the keys". Fantastic. The ONLY concession the government has accepted is interoperability

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DADVSI code : Vivendi Universal strikes back, fight the Dark Side of copyright with us !

Following a public email from Gerald (FFII France) about the french project law related to copyright in the digital era (known as DADVSI).

Debates on the 1st chamber of French Parliament (National Assembly) have ended last night at 4:00am. Now there should be a vote on the text amended next Tuesday. Then the text will go to the 2nd chamber (Senate). And a comittee of 7 politians of each chamber will finalize the text in a kind of conciliation procedure.

Results of amendments voted by National Assembly is very mixed.

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